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Application of functional orthodontic appliances to treatment of mandibular retrusion syndrome – Effective use of the TRAINER System

Early Treatment of a Class II, Division 2 Malocclusion with the Trainer for Kids (T4K): A Case Report

Influence of Pre-Orthodontic Trainer treatment on the perioral and masticatory muscles in patients with Class II division 1 malocclusion

Non-invasive 3D facial analysis and surface electromyography during functional pre-orthodontic therapy: a preliminary report

The key to facial beauty and optimal patient health

Treatment for Class III malocclusion

Dimensional changes in dental arches after treatment with a prefabricated functional appliance

The effects of early preorthodontic Trainer treatment on Class II, Division 1 patients

Early myofunctional approach to skeletal Class II

Habit correction in the growing child

Simplifying orthodontic treatment with the Trainer appliance system

Insights into Orthodontic Treatment

Powrgard – double protection out of the box

Dental Arches Expansion with Ortho-System

Combining functional and fixed appliances to improve results in open bite treatment

Dental management of sleep disorders

Abnormal oral habits: A review

Finding Connor Deegan

Wanted: Snoring Kids

Myofunctional Treatment – moving in a new direction

The Myobrace System: Biologically focused treatment innovation

TMJ Diagnosis and Treatment – Is there a black hole in our education?

Functional design: The anatomy of a Myobrace Centre


* Artigos em Espanhol

Tratamiento temprano de los hábitos pernicisosos con Infant Trainer

El Sistema Trainer

Corrección de los hábitos em el niño en crescimento

Expansión de las arcadas dentarias com el Sistema Ortho

Balance del crecimiento facial